Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentines Day prep

I got called in to working extra days this week at the flower shop. The preparation to get ready for Valentines Day is nuts. If you every want to see organized chaos, visit the workroom of a flower shop the week of Valentines, just stay against the wall or you will get run over.
I have been making Valentines Cards...yup, lots of pink! I am about finished with those and in the meantime I'll post some of my past Valentine cards until the "big unveiling" of this years. But remember just like the Christmas cards...they do improve over the years. This is one of the first Valentines Day cards that I made. I used a vintage Valentine post card, scanned and printed. The darker red background had the look of a handmade paper that had been covered with lacquer.
The 7 Gypsies are still in the sack waiting for me to come and play.

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