Friday, February 6, 2009

Just like being back in 3rd grade

My Valentine cards are finished, signed, addressed and have lovely 42 cent first-class "heart" stamps in the upper right hand corner of the envelopes...all that is left to do is get them in the mail box.
I made this retro valentine in 2005. These remind me of the valentines we gave out when I was a kid in elementary school. I think each member of the class made "mail boxes" out of empty Kleenex boxes, covered in red and white construction paper and crepe paper...we were altering way back then and didn't even know it!
I scanned, copied, cut out and then backed the retro valentines with chip board. Dry brushing the blank card with a light blue paint I then stamped places the dry brush missed with a text background and different heart stamps which created my own patterned paper. The yellow velum heart in the corner provides another layer of hearts in the background. The retro Valentine was mounted with foam tape to make the image stand out.
My grand kids will pass out to their classmates Valentines that represent Corporate created Icons like Barbie, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hello Kitty and Superman. They some how don't seem as innocent as the ones I remember as a kid.

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