Friday, February 20, 2009

Recovering from Valentines Day

I have been recovering from Valentines Day and to help in my recovery Tucson Sister came up for a couple of days to visit. I helped her with the book she is making using the photos and poetry of her mother-in-law.
We worked on a few page techniques, she did some organizing and we stayed up way too late for me. I have taught TS well...she has now been taking a second look before she throws bits and pieces of ephemera away. She asks the question...can I use this in scrapbooking.
Our Flagstaff Sister came down for the day along with mom. The four of us met for lunch in Gilbert
at the Country Cottage Cafe...
then to Merchant Square antique mall in Chandler. We walked down all the aisle and looked at everything. I found some great old black and white photos and a couple of Easter postcards.
Our next stop was Mystic Paper (you can't come to the Valley and not go to Mystic) Kim and Jennifer had met mom at the brunch, this time they met the sisters. I completely forgot to take pictures.
We headed over to Treasures for the Past antique mall off McKellips...walked down all their aisles and looked at all their treasures. I have to admit I was antiqued out. Never thought I would every say something like that. Mom and FS drove back to Flagstaff, TS and I back to my house...I'm so glad I don't live in Flag.

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Sarah said...

I LOVE FLAGSTAFF!! But i sure wish i lived in Tucson :)