Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gypsies, Candy and Trick or Treating

The best part of Halloween...besides dressing up in costume  is Trick or Treating. 
These gals are dressed up as gypsies and ready to go out into the neighborhood bags in hand to collect the good stuff...you know, fun size candy bars and of course Smarties. ( Have been informed by my darling daughter that the best Halloween candy is Pixy Stixs ...isn't that just smashed Smarties in a paper straw?)
These mysterious gypsies will have to wait until tomorrow night to go Trick or Treating...but the beauty of being an adult is we can start in on the candy any time!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pointy Hat, Butterfly Wings and a Black Dress

So if witches a wear pointy hat and a black dress all year round, how do they dress up for Halloween?
Butterfly Wings, Beads and Glitter!
This gal has it all going on...from the tilt of her hat, to the Stickle embellished butterfly wings, she is ready to party all night!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Black Bats

 This image of a 1800s era girl in a Halloween bat costume and the flourish and swill background (embellished with a glitter pen) both came from Graphic Fairy. The edges of the tag were embellished with Tim Holtz Aged Mahogany Distressed ink. 
I finished the tag off with a couple of die cut black glitter paper bats...after all, if you are Bat Girl you can never have too many bats!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Twelve days to Halloween and nothing to wear for a costume.

I love the look of vintage Halloween...I'm talking way old, like 1920s-1930s. That was the era that Halloween parties and dressing up was for the adults. They would have big extravagant parties that would last way in to the early morning. The costumes at that time were very creative.
With that in mind, I created a tag with a vintage 1920s look.
 I'm not sure where I found this image of a woman draped in a textured shawl, from that era. I dressed her up in a pair of black and orange butterfly wings that came from Graphic Fairy (thanks GF love the wings!) and embellished with Black Stickles and a glitter pen.
The background of the tag was stamped then layered with a black doily and a “Petrified Butterflies” label.