Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sprinkles, Facebook and Salty Sweet

I have been hearing about Sprinkles cupcakes for a few years. Our local Sprinkles is about 30 minutes away in the posh part of Scottsdale...not my usual stomping grounds.
But last week I had my first...and my second! 

My daughter, my grand kids and I were driving on the 101 north.  I was driving, the g-kids were in the back and my daughter was on her phone checking Facebook. She made the announcement that if we went  to Sprinkles and said the secret word..."Salty Sweet" we could get a free cupcake. I was curious why the word was Salty Sweet...because that was the kind of free cupcake they were giving way. Okay how close were we to Sprinkles? The next was meant to would be the day for my very first Sprinkles cupcake...but Salty Sweet just didn't sound too great, I was going to have a Red Velvet even if I had to pay for it.  We got off the freeway exit, a few turns later we were in front of Sprinkles. We walked in and waited our turn... eying the display case for the kind of cupcake we were going to order...along with our free ones. When it was our turn we all whispered "Salty Sweet", he smiled and thanked us for whispering...they had just finished  frosting the cupcakes. He boxed up the ones we ordered and in a separate box placed our free "Salty Sweet".  We thanked him, and got back out on the road. 

When we got home we did a taste test...the Red Velvet was great, but the Salty Sweet was wonderful...the Salty Sweet was CARMEL!

It's nice to know I can still be pleasantly surprised

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Say something nice...

My mom recently turned 80...she would be okay with me telling you her age. For her birthday she sent  out a letter reminding all of her kids, grand kids and great grand kids that she was turning 80. She told us we didn't need to throw her a party, but she did ask all of us to make her a homemade birthday card...the kind we use to make in kindergarten...folded piece of paper, crayons, stick figures, she wanted us to write something nice about her, something we would tell someone about her or something we had done with her...we were not to obsess about the card.

Of course we all obsessed about making the card, some of us got done early, some of us are still working on the cards. That's okay, mom likes to celebrate her birthday all month long. 

She has been enjoying all the cards made by her kids, grand kids and great grand kids. Some extend family and friends had heard about the letter and wanted to get in on the fun too.
Why am I telling you all this? One of my siblings asked me if I was going to blog the card I made for mom...I hadn't plan on it...but then again "things" to blog are few and far between. I usually make her a red, white and blue patriotic looking card for her birthday  ( see the 4th of July post), but this year I designed a card "that says something nice...something I would tell someone about her."

 The front of the card reads: "I color outside the lines...with my left hand". The inside reads "Thank you Mom for teaching me everything I know about being creative" ( And yes...that's me sitting in the chair" ) 

 Happy 80th Birthday!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ever get the feeling you are be ignored?

You would think if  a cat sat down...posed herself to create a perfect photo opportunity, she would at least work with the photographer.  The back ground was okay and the subject was gorgeous...I ran to get my camera, got it on the right settings...I sat down to be at her level, you know all the amateur photo tricks...and she moves.

We loose the poise...has boredom or apathy set in?

She got up and walked to the other end of the this a "I could care less" poise?
No this is in "go away, I was just yanking your chain, I have no intention of poising for your camera...don't you know when you are being ignored?"