Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What the heck happened to JUNE?

I had big plans for June. It was going to be my catch up month. All the projects that I haven't had time for since the first of the year were placed on a list and titled "JUNE LIST"

I don't know what the heck happened to June, but we now have three days left in the month, there is no way the "JUNE LIST" is going to be completed. 
What do you do with a "JUNE LIST" and you run out of JUNE...take a marker, cross out  JUNE and write in JULY. I now have a "JULY LIST" to remind me of all the projects I haven't had time for since the first of the year.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blogging, Pintrest and Tucson Sister

My Tucson Sister informed me last night that she was getting a bit board with opening up my Blog only to see the "Olde Curiosity Shop" mini album. And why hadn't I posted for the last 6 weeks?  This gap in my social media responsibility is easily explained...PINTERST !

Yes I will admit it, I have been lured in to all the pictures of  mixed media creations, classy photos of cats,  clever quotes and all the other fancy stuff. 

It all started out very innocently, my DD sent me an invitation to PINTERST... yes you need to be invited and you have to have a FACEBOOK or a TWITTER account to set up the PINTREST account (all ready too may rules) I do not have either one, nor did I want either one. It was decided the best choice was to set me up with a TWITTER account (that will never be used) then set up the PINTREST account, which allows me into the club to see all the goodies.

It started slowly, at first I just looked, then I "Liked"...then you have to set up  "Boards" so you can PIN. I found out later there are rules for PINNING, which I still haven't quite figured out...I'm sure I am breaking  the RULES, which is not my intent...I just can't figure out how to make the whole thing work!

Also, I am confused about the items that are pinned.  There  will be a inspirational quote  like  "No Pain no gain, do 50 more and you will be happy" next to a recipe for Red Velvet Brownies. Or a spiritual uplifting thought  next to a pin, where someone thinks the "F" word is a adjective.  What is the deal with cats wearing crocheted hats...Cats hate to wear hats, or clothing of any kind, they leave that to the dogs. 

So the simple answer to why I haven't Blogged in 6 weeks is I have been playing on PINTREST...I will try to  do better with the care and feeding of my blog. But I'm still holding hard and fast on my no FACEBOOK rule

This is a photo of Tucson Sister's has nothing to do with this blog, just wanted to share.