Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Room of Her Own in the Land of Pintrest

Last year my darling daughter and her family bought their “dream home”. She had me come over and help her “move furniture and hang pictures”. We started with the down stairs, living room, kitchen, family room...moved up stairs to the kids rooms. Turquoise and Lime Green for my granddaughter and Diamondback Base Ball of my grandson. The last room on the list was going to be a room for my DD. You know the kind, for reading, crafts...a real get away just for her. 

We start working on her room this summer. She picked out great colors...Turquoise and Persimmon with some taupe. 
 Her husband found her a awesome chair to curl up in to read. We just got lucky that the cat matched the room. She had picked up the old window yeas ago and add the fun rag banner. Of course every ladies room need a chandelier. 

 The window valences are made from vintage embroidered dresser scarves that I had gotten from Tucson Sister.
The day bed adds an extra place to sit, take a nap or for overnight guest. We covered pillows in the “theme” color fabric.
  DD painted the dresser and picture frames turquoise. One frame is a mirror, the other two she removed the pictures.
 One empty frame has a painted initial...

and the other has a framed vintage handkerchief ,

Persimmon color butterfly that she had found at an auction years ago.
This is the point where we should have been bringing in shelves to store all kind of crafty treasures and large craft table to create all those cool Pintrest projects...

In all this planning we never figure that someone else had a different idea for this room...a surprise baby girl who should be here any day...
 so instead of a big table we added a crib with a turquoise and persimmon bumper.