Monday, February 23, 2009

A place for everything ?

There comes a time in every designers life when you have to just stop and clean your room. I'm not what you would call a neat designer, I have everything out on the table, papers stacked on top of cutters, scraps on the floor and glue on my fingers. Most of the time I know where all my supplies are because I reorganized the room two years ago when my husband's Mother's Day gift to me were built in shelves. Everything had to come out of the room for this to be done, so I made a point of giving every item a home when I put it back. Every paper, album, brad and rub on in it's own spot with a label. I have pretty much stayed organized. I had noticed in the last few months I was spending longer and longer looking for things, only to be surprised to find something I had been looking for tucked in with a totally unrelated item. Saturday afternoon I finally broke down and cleaned my room. Pulled out the loose flowers, ink pads, buttons and put them back in the baskets where belong. Loose drifting idea pages went into file folders and stashes of paper placed back in the stacking trays. The table is now cleaned off and ready for a project. Even after all this I still can't find the package of pink rhinestones I know are in this room somewhere!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

That's what I should be doing but I just don't have time right now!!

You'll have a new project to start soon.... I'll be in to make kits before the end of the week....

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh...I know EXACTLy what you are talking about.

I have to reclean my craft area at least once a week or I will not be able to find anything.

I once misplaced (3) packages of glue dots. I kept going back to the store and buying a new pack only to replace it a couple days later....
I just found all (3) packs a couple days ago :)

whymsicalmusings said...

OOO don't we all know how this is! I have good intention and try to much through my room about once a month. But I really need to get things back into thier places!
Thanks for the inspiration:)
BTW NO big boys don't grow ever grow out of thier toys they just get bigger ones!