Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Olde Curiosity Shop

I love  exploring  antique, thrift, "junque" every you describe them, nothing is better than  finding cool junk!  Those one time  discards become your wonderful treasure.

 The Graphic 45  "Olde Curiosity Shoppe" patterned paper reminds me of the wandering through the perfect antique store. How to use such a imaginative paper line, chip board die-cuts and of course  "Wild Honey" Distress Ink...?  
Create a antique store mini album!
The cover of the album is the "front window" of the Olde Curiosity Shop...with a glimpse of the fascinating bits and pieces waiting to be discovered.
Layered on the "window" is a pewter Bee...
Opening  the cover to  the first pages  shows some of the  fantastic oddities. Best of all...a flying pig!

 Stepping further into the shop we find butterflies and bees...and a mysterious lady with a copper key.
Turning the page we notice  a rare butterfly collection...
What clever oddities will we spy next? A peacock feather and a "flying" shoe!
We have poked in ever nook and cranny of the shop and now have come to the end...

There is always something fascinating to happen upon in the Olde Curiosity Shoppe

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Time in Arizona

In Arizona we plant the "spring flowers" in October so they will bloom early and beat the heat (we expect it to be in the high 90s by the end of this week). The Sweet Peas I planted in the Fall have been bloomed and have a wonderful fragrance:
I have a vase that was given to my by a dear friend that is perfect for a bouquet of Sweet Peas...the neck of the vase has a small opening  that flairs out ...that way the flowers don't flop about in the vase.
The flowers may only last a few days, but the memory of their fragrance last forever.