Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long Division, Telling Time and a Calico Cat

This distressed Graphic 45 ABC  Primer patterned paper  brings back the basics  taught in school in the "good old days"...Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmeti.
This little boy may know his numbers... 1 through 10,  but could long division be far behind? 
The half page is covered with red gingham, and embellished with a vintage looking chip board piece, that warns the next lesson is "telling time".
I love the calico cat sitting next to the student on the red stool
The back of the book is embellished with two alphabet  pages...maybe from an old "ABC book"
The only things missing  from this mini album are some grade school photos

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flash Cards, Work Sheets and Pinterest

Remember flash cards from your school days ? When I was going to school ours were made out of manila paper with bold black lettering or numbers.  This vintage looking  one has a great colorful image of  a young girl and boy under a umbrella ...
Very faint on the card you can see "postage" and a 1cent...maybe it's  a commemorative stamp  for vintage flash cards...then you will have a one cent stamp the next time the post office raises the rates
The half page is covered in ABC's and a subtraction work sheet...the dreaded
TAKE A WAYS. You remember,  9 take a way 6 equals what?
Turn the half page  over to reveal  the rest of  students  school work
Love the look of these old desks, very ornate with the cast iron scroll work.
I'm sure at the time the students in the class room were unimpressed with how fancy the desks were. 
They had no idea decades later their great grand kids would be shopping in antique stores trying to find one of these desks for a vintage home decor the one they found on Pinterest

Sunday, August 5, 2012

First day of school

I'm not sure what happened to Summer zipped by  too fast. The kids are going back to school tomorrow. Which gives me a great excuse to share my Graphic 45 ABC Primer  patterned paper mini did you like that conversation transition?

This chipboard album does not have the usual  Stickle, rhinestones and glitter pen bling that I have added to  some of the other mini albums I have designed.  This  paper reminded me of vintage school books that my grandmother may have taught from back in the 40s.
So I created a distress look by sanding the edges and using a lot of Tim Holtz Wild Honey Distress Ink. 
I used two different sizes of chip board pages for the gives it a great layered look. The edges of the larger pages layered ...the red gingham and ABC area.
When you open the first small page the rest of the cover is revealed
Who does "This Book Belongs to"...
The little girl writing on the chalk board or the girl in the red dress... that appears to be giving some one a spanking...WHERE WAS THE TEACHER WHILE ALL THIS WAS GOING ON?!?!?!?