Friday, February 13, 2009

Mr. Rogers and Old Sweaters

I received a Valentine in the mail today from my Tucson Sister. When she was up last month we talked about ideas for the valentines we were going to make for this years.
Tucson Sister said she had found an old red sweater she was going to cut hearts out of and use on her cards. The message in the inside of the card reads...
"I want to wish you a warm Valentine's Day."

I love to use old images on cards. This is a cabinet picture of my grandmother on my 2008 Valentines card.
Designed with lots of sparkly Stickles, Fruit Punch and Pink. The paper is Basic Gray "Two Scoops". I borrowed the idea for the message from Mr. Rogers.

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Sarah said...

i loved ur Valentines from last year... so clever!!! I haven't gotten one from my mama yet... and i definitely need the warmth!! Hopefully one of us (either Jeff or I) can remember to check the mail tomorrow, huh?