Thursday, November 20, 2008


Got the new monitor up and running, we're back in business!

We were talking about my Mystic Paper Design Team project for November. The paper in my kit was all soft pastels, perfect for all the spring, baby and wedding ideas. But I went way out of the box and came up with a Christmas album. That's right PINK for Christmas. Before you say "she has really gone too far with this idea"... have you seen the front cover of Scrapbook Etc. for November/December. The Christmas layout is in PINK and green.

The front cover of Romantic Homes magazine...PINK for Christmas. So we are going PINK! And who doesn't love all the sparkly glitter this time of year?
Yes, the album is loaded with glitter. I know what you are thinking...wouldn't this be a great gift for your aunt-cousin-secret sister-coworker-neighbor. And you are right, it would be! Heck it would look wonderful sitting on your coffee table for your friends and family to woo and aah over while they are visiting during the holiday season. Come on! You can do this...just think PINK


Jennifer and Kim said...

You really do have that great "fashion" sense Patty. Who knew the magazines were going pink for Christmas? Obviously you did!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Fabulous project, Patty! The pink and green works! Love the glitter!!

tanya watts said...

i like the pink!!! i used to HATe pink! and then i turned 40!!! and something changed in my brains!haha!
no, really i like the idea of pink for Xmas, why not! come to think of it i made some pink Xmas cards last week :-) ahh great minds think alike they say!

anyway! nice job on the Xmas bok! i love it!
x tanya

Lindsey said...

I think it turned out beautiful! What a great idea to do something different besides Christmas colors, love it!

faerie enchantment said...

I love the pink, I'm all about pink in many shades! LOL! oh and glitter too!
Love your project! Beautiful!
Magic and Joy!