Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aberdeen on Holiday

Remember back to the beginning of the
Summer Book post...I was whining about not taking a trip this summer. These are the pages that started the whole book. The first"NO" is pointing to an embellishment that says "journey". The second "NO" is to a washer that says "destination" and the third "NO" is to a strip of negatives (no pictures). The page on the right with the three butterflies was the first page. At the bottom of the page was another summer incident. We have some friends George and Linda that live in Shetland. Of course Shetland is famous for their wool sweaters and they raise sheep for the wool. While Linda was growing up her family raised sheep. Linda and her sister got to have a lamb to raise. As the lamb got older and became a sheep it was destined for other things besides being a pet. The sheep that weren't raised for their wool were sent off to Aberdeen (to become some body's dinner). Linda and her sister would come home from school, unable to find their pet sheep were told by their mother " They have gone off to Aberdeen on holiday". So when I called my children to tell them the news of the cat, I told them Dingbat had gone off to Aberdeen on holiday.

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tanya watts said...

i simply LOVe your Summer book!! it is beautiful!!!
i'm putting youe link onto my blog if you are okay with that!!!

gr tanya watts