Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We are experiencing technical difficulties

My monitor kicked the bucket! I've unplugged, jiggled, shook and pounded on it, and it's not coming back. Yes I am very much annoyed...and that is putting it nicely. The good thing is my husband had the for site to buy an extended warranty, so "they" are sending us a new one, eventually. It's pretty sad when you have you call and ask somebody if you can use their computer so you can post a blog! I'm at my Aunt Louesa's house using her computer. You remember Aunt Louesa from the "Family Connection" post. I get to post and have a nice visit too. As soon as the monitor comes in , and DH has it hooked up, I'll show you the Sugar Plum Christmas book. In the mean time you can catch part of it at the Mystic Paper blog site.

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Paris Cowgirl said...

Arrrrrggg, don't you just hate technical difficulties? Your Sugar Plum Christmas book to too cute!