Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Spirit

I had decided not to set out Easter decorations or make Easter cards this year...I wasn't being the spring version of Scrooge...I have just been really busy with work, and planning scrapbook classes. But while the grand kids were here for spring break, I had them help me set out the brown, blue, white and tan hen's eggs in the terrariums...that's it...Easter decorating DONE!
Until I found this lavender nest with three eggs wrapped in "vintage" paper. It was on sale and too cute to pass up...the nest was added to the holiday decorations...Easter decorating finished!
Then I found these cute chicks, covered with yellow flowers...I picked them up and put them down three times...they too were on sale...and cute.
All this decorating had put me in the holiday spirit, and in the mood to create Easter cards.
There are nine days until you think I'm starting too late?


Pattie said...

Loving the nest with the eggs what a lovely idea,and so beautifully done x

tanya watts said...

too funny! you finally did the decorations lol too late for cards... a tad maybe but you will get them done xxx happy holidays

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Lovely finds, Patty. Love your terrariums!