Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Short Busy Month

Yes, yes, I know I haven't blogged in over a week...and I have heard the complaints! For a short month February was very busy. I did some holiday designing for a local flower shop. Valentines is such a big flower holiday, shops call in "holiday help". I had never worked with the other designers...but we all knew some of the same that was fun. As soon as Valentines was over I brought out the box marked "tax stuff"...must get all that organized...not fun.
Mom stopped by and spent the night on her way back from Tucson to Flagstaff...and all that snow! The grand kids spent the night...that's always an adventure. And Tucson Sister (and my niece) came up for an afternoon.
The exciting part of the whole month was starting my new job at Scrapbook Barn.

All the ladies there have been great help breaking in the "newbie"...
Each day has been different from the other...which makes it fun and interesting. I started just after CHA, so I get to see...and put out, all the wonderful new scrapbook products...I want it all!
I will start teaching my Heritage Scrapbooking Class in March. The first class will be Friday the 12th of March 4:30 to 6:30. This is the class with all the information you need to get your ancestors out of the shoe box and into a Heritage Album. You can call Scrapbook Barn to sign up. Friday the 26th of March 4:30 to 6:30 is the Heritage Scrapbook Workshop. Bring the project you are working on ...learn a technique, and receive some coaching to help move your project along.
March is already looking like it will be another busy month.


House of Hullabaloo said...

Congratulations!!!! I need to find out your schedule! That place is super convenient to my house!

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh my goodness Patty! How wonderful! I wish I lived closer I would pop in and scroll through the paper with you:)

I know your class is going to be amazing!!! How wonderful! Sending you a Huge Hug!

Lindsey said...

I am glad you are liking working at the Scrapbook Barn.... i really need to take a trip down there i have just been spending all my craft money on fabric lately :)!

And i couldn't agree more....bring on the summer!