Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Touch of Class...

If you weren't in the class room at Mystic Paper yesterday afternoon you missed a great class. I had some wonderful students at my Heritage Scrapbook class.
One of Mystic's favorite people, Lisa from "House of Hullabaloo" was there. She is so much fun and such a talented artist. Ann, who already has a head start on genealogy and family history and Leah, who came all the way from Wyoming to take the class! Okay...not really, she is visiting the Valley, and is interested in Heritage Scrapbooking, so that was good timing.
My Tucson Sister also attended and is still working on the photos and poetry of her mother-in-law's.
They all recieved a notebook full of information on Heritage Scrapbooking and made notes on all the added info I talked about in the class. I completly forgot about getting "class pictures" until the end when Kim came down to check up on us, so she got in the pictures.
If you missed the class, not to worry, I will be offering it again on July 15th.

Remember, your family may be waiting on you to tell their story!


House of Hullabaloo said...

Oh I loved the class! I got so fired up about it, I came home and finished a book I owed a friend so I can get my stuff together to start my Heritage Project! You are a wonderful Teacher! The book you gave us is not only beautiful but full of great info! Can't wait to get some coaching at the next class!

Sandy said...

Sounds like the class was a hit! And I love the old books you got, so much you could do with those.