Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cape Cod...without me!

Where have I been for the last five days you ask...gathering up all the toys I will need for my Heritage Scrapbook class at Mystic Paper this Wednesday. I have a new found respect for teachers...there is a lot of prep work to get ready to teach a class!

While I have been at the bench in my "Wizards Room", my mom and aunt Mary took a trip to Cape Cod...without me! The weather was rainy and windy, which made it hard to walk on the beach and pick up shells. They were forced to find other activities, like antique shopping.
Which worked out well for me... Mom found me some wonderful old books...they even smell old
The "Book House" books have a publishing date of 1937...
The weather cleared up the last day they were there and
they were finally able to walk on the beach. Sadly for mom and Aunt Mary...
there were no shells or rocks on the beach for them to pick-up.


tanya watts said...

don' you just love old books?
xox have a nice class!!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Those old books are a wonderful find!!