Sunday, January 18, 2009

Arizona Cardinals

For all of you in Arizona, the reason the Cardinals won today is because I left the room. I haven't watched one of their games this year. If you could care less about Football...I understand. But...not only was this game a big deal for the Cardinals, but for Arizona too. Today's game was for the NFC championship, and I would bet most of the TVs in the state were tuned to the game.
We went over to my daughter and son-in-laws, had dinner, played with the grand kids and watched the game.
The Cardinals were ahead 24-6 when I sat down to watch in the 3rd quarter. The Eagles scored 19 points and were ahead by one point. I figured I better go in the other room before they scored again. While my granddaughter and I were playing Barbie's (because that's what you do with your DGD when you are a granny) the Cardinals won...and are on their way to the Super Bowl. I would have never had blogged about football except ...

A It's an Arizona team...what other excuse do you need.

B It really is a big deal. The last time they made it to a championship game it was 1947 and they lost 7-0.

C I could not come up with anything else to blog about...sad but true. I'm in between projects, and I don't have any photos of the flowers in the garden, the cat or birds. I promise to do better.


tanya watts said...

i love your confession at the end! hihi!
and hey! isn't that arizona sky on my blog the best?!!! i sooooo love it!
i'm so lucky, my friend is doing a pilot training and i get loads of great shoots from the air! magnificant pics! i'm kind of falling in love with Arizona!
xox tanya

Lindsey said...

Yeah GO CARDS! I have to admit though I am not a big football fan but it is exiting for Arizona. Love your Design Team project below, so pretty!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Go CARDS!!! And I must confess, that aside from periodic updates during the game (from my husband), I only watched the last 10 minutes for the win!!