Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Travels with my Aunt

I received a package in the mail from my Aunt Mary. She lives in Texas, and is my mother's older sister. Aunt Mary, mom and I have done some serious traveling together. The summer of 2007 we all met up together in London and had one adventure after another. We took tons of pictures, and made disks for each other. The package she sent me had the photo disks I had made for her of the pictures I had taken...which I intended for her to keep. Aunt Mary had also had copies made of all the photos on the disk and sent those too. Which only increased the guilt I have for the fact I haven't "scrapbooked" that trip yet. Yes I know it's was way back in 2007...I've been busy! It was fun to see the pictures again, maybe it will kick start me in to getting them in a book.
Aunt Mary knows I love old photos. In the package there were wonderful photos that had belonged to her friend Helen.
Apparently Helen was going to throw them out and Aunt Mary rescued them for me. These pictures are just too fun. I will have to come up with some clever project to use them on.

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