Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to the Garden

With hopes of a bountiful crop, we have put in a garden. The tiny lettuce seeds have sprouted and almost look like lettuce...but not yet ready to be a salad.
There are little bitty squash, with the blossom just getting ready to open.
The tomato plants have small yellow blooms with a promise of bushels of red ripe tomatoes.
I'm trying to remember if I still have canning jars in the attic to process our harvest.
The melon seeds...watermelon and cantaloupe, at this point they look a like, are just now getting started.
We're not calling it a recession garden...
it's a "Hope Garden"


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

We have our own little "hope" garden here too. DD loves watching things grow! Lets hope they do!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Good for you guys! All of my good intentions still have not produced a garden or chickens.

Bobbi said...

Hi Patty, Kristy sent me your blog. Heard you were doing stuff with Mystic Papers--Lots and Lots of fun stuff. BTW- hows the famdamily?

tanya watts said...

Brilliant!!! makes me think of my childhood, my dad always had a veg garden, i miss that but am not really good at it so i only grow some Winter hardy herbs hihi!
maybe i could do some pumpkins? hummmm they are pretty easy! stick em in the ground and let them do their thing hihi!

I HOPE you have many a tasty salad!
oh and indeed! do i ever unpack? that has turned into quite a question for me today hihi! more on an emotional level, thanks!!!