Thursday, April 2, 2009

All things Paris

Sorry for that long "station break" there. The internet provider has been having some outage issues.

I was able to receive an e-mail from Sheri our
Mystic Paper Design Team captain...the April kits were made up and waiting for us. Sheri's instructions " should be pretty evident by what is in the bag what the assignment is." A very cryptic message indeed.

Sheri had picked out four luscious sheets of
"Creative Imaginations" patterned paper that just screams ...

Two sheets of card in a dark chocolate brown and the other in french vanilla. Epoxy stickers to complement all that wonderful paper

and pink satin ribbon...or as they say in France "rubon".

If you hang out at Mystic you know how much everybody loves all things Paris. Now what can I come up with that will carry on the Mystic/Paris tradition?

Did I ever tell you about my trip to Paris...?


Jennifer and Kim said...

We've heard bits and pieces of your trip to Paris. Would love to hear more!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

So you must have some pics from Paris that will work with this theme... Have fun with it!