Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oranges and a Charlie Brown Chirstmas Tree

Nothing says Christmas in Arizona like going out in your back yard and picking an orange off your tree. This is the time of year when the oranges ripen, get their color and become ready to eat. The grand kids can't wait to pick, peel and eat a juicy navel orange. (the neighbors cat just likes to rub up against the leaves)

While most people are shoveling snow, we Arizonans in the Valley of the Sun squeeze our backyard citrus for juice, plant pansies in the garden, and decorate the Christmas tree.
I have a naked "Charlie Brown" tree waiting in the front room for lights and ornaments...
I know, I know it's two weeks until Christmas!I am making a dent in my to do list though...I finished my Christmas Cards and have most of them if only I can remember to get down to the Post Office and buy stamps !

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Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I wish we had an orange tree! We have lemons (which DD loves!) and grapefruit (which we take to the food bank every year!) We used to have a ruby red grapefruit tree that we always ate the fruit off. They were so sweet and juicy! But you know what they say.....if the tree gives you lemons......make lemonade!