Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fancy Colorful Birds

Speaking of Gardens...and we were. For Father's Day this past June, our daughter gave her dad a bird feeder. He set it up in the back yard under the Jacaranda tree. Talk about cheap ( get it- "cheep", sad I know, I couldn't resist) entertainment. From the sunroon window we (grand kids and cat too) spent the summer watching the birds. Not your fancy colorful birds, mostly sparrows and 3 types of gray and brown dove. Until a almost white dove showed up for it's share of the bird seed. Of course that called for a picture. I took this one with the zoom, through the window. I have promised the cat that she'll have a the fancy colorful bird to watch this winter.

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Her Vintage Stage said...

I really love the name of your blog! Welcome to blog world. I was one of Mikes first subjects. He does a great job. I also teach at Mystic. Be checking in. Sandy