Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt in Arizona

We do Easter egg hunts a bit differently here in South Central Arizona. We do dye hard-boiled eggs, which promptly go in to the refrigerator. Theses eggs are for eating not hiding. Temperature can get up to the mid 80s around Easter time. If the Easter Bunny hides the hard boiled eggs and any of those eggs do not get found, long about the end of the week you will know it...the whole back yard will smell like a Science project gone wrong. Instead the Easter Bunny hides plastic eggs with surprises inside...candy and money. The Easter Bunny messed up big time one year. In a effort to be more health conscience he filled the plastic eggs with stickers...that was a Easter Egg Hunt disaster! Since then the Easter Bunny has redeemed his self with the “good” kind of candy and dollar bills.
So what do we do with the dyed hard boiled eggs... we eat them, deviled eggs, egg salad, hard-boiled egg with a bit of salt and pepper

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