Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Baby, Thrift Stores and Eegees

Tucson sister became a Granny on Friday morning. Her #2 daughter had a beautiful baby girl. My daughter decided we needed to drive down to Tucson Saturday morning and see the new baby. We loaded up the grand kids and headed south. Years ago...many years ago I could have navigated us right to the hospital...we ended up taking the scenic route through down town Tucson and past U of A. We all got to hold "sweet baby girl"...and had a nice visit with the new mom and dad...and the rest of the family that had taken over the hospital room.
We kidnapped Tucson Sister and went off to find lunch and to make a couple of fast stops at the local thrift stores.
TS and I spotted this bride and groom about the same time at one of the stores. She said "weren't you looking for wedding cake toppers a while back...what were you going to do with them?" Yes...I was looking for bride and grooms...and I did have a great plan for them...I just couldn't remember what it was at the moment...but for a $1.98 I'll buy it...and hopefully I will remember what the great plan was later. So many ideas...so little time!
At the next stop I found this 1930's children's, book back in a corner of the shop.
The book was not in great shape, but the graphics were wonderful...
I'm not sure what I will do with it yet. But, again...the price was low...plus 10% off!
We dropped Tucson Sister off back at the hospital, and headed back home...
Making a pit stop at a old Tucson favorite...EEGEES!


whymsicalmusings said...

IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE YOUR POST IN MY INBOX. It brought with it a huge smile:)

Hope all is well my sweet friend. I do miss chatting but I see you understand life simply happens... WHERE DOES THE TIME GO! I can hardly keep up with every thing.

Sending you a hug.

Holly Moore said...

The bride and groom you found are wonderful! I love the gilding. I went to thrifts with my mom this weekend in Payson. Fun fun!