Friday, December 11, 2009

Paris, Ostriches and Clark Gable

New York has the life size fiberglass Cows...San Francisco has the over size fiberglass Hearts and Chandler Arizona has 6 1/2 foot Ostriches. Why Ostriches...because back in the early 1900s women wore big fashionable hats loaded with Ostrich feathers. The founder of Chandler...Dr. A.J. Chandler raised we have decorated 6 1/2 foot Ostriches placed here and there in Historic downtown Chandler.
When mom was here last weekend to took a field trip downtown to see the decorated Ostrich in the lobby of the famous San Marcos Resort. This Ostrich was decorated by Ann, one of the very creative students in the Heritage Scrapbook class I teach at Mystic Paper, and Diane, an artist friend of hers.
The Ostrich was title "Clark Gable on the Golf Course". All dressed up in golf shoes, plus fours (old style golf pants), golf club and a bow tie. And as a matter of fact Clark Gable did visit the San Marcos Resort and no doubt played a round or two of golf there.

From there mom and I took a short walk down the block from the resort to "The Art on Boston" an art gallery...on Boston Street.
Lisa, another very creative student in my class, had made decorations for a "Paris" Christmas Tree displayed at the gallery. The tree is part of the local merchants "World of Trees" contest. Lisa had some glittery frames she embellished with red Dresden trim, and inserted a image of Marie Antoinette to hang on the tree. She also made red, white and blue die cut Eiffel Tower ornaments decorated with Sticklers.
Mom and I each took a ballot and voted for the "Paris Tree".

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Paris Cowgirl said...

How fun! You guys are so darn talented!