Thursday, July 9, 2009

168 Days till Christmas

It is difficult to even think about Christmas when the temperature here is above 100f and getting hotter every day. But that is just what the Mystic Paper Design Team is doing for their July projects. My first thought when I opened my DT kit and saw all the wonderful Basic Gray pattered paper was Hooray...I haven't had my all time favorite paper in a while.
Then I took a second was the Christmas line "Wassail". Was there some mistake? Did DT Captain Sheri really intend to give me Christmas paper? Seeing the confused look on my face, Kim told me it was for Christmas in July. With a tear in my eye at the very thought that "yes...soon...too soon, it will be that time again"
I pulled the rest of the Christmas goodies out of my bag.
Besides all the wonderful paper there was a page of Basic Gray Elements stickers, they are always a great addition to any layout, a yard of holiday green striped ribbon and some Daisy Ds picture hangers.

So to get me in the holiday mood I have set my Air Conditioning very low, and have Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" from the CD player...I am designing Christmas in July. You would think with this much warning I would start designing my Christmas Cards...naaaa, I'll wait until December!

I wonder what Lindsey, Yasu and Sheri got in their kits?

Oh by the way!

I had a great class last night at Mystic Paper. It was a workshop for Heritage Scrapbooking. Lisa and Ann came with all their treasures and wonderful ideas. They both have photos, ephemera and fantastic stories for the albums that they are working on. Want to join in the fun? I am teaching the Heritage Scrapbooking Class again next week at Mystic on Wednesday the 15th of July from 3:30 to 5:30. This class is full of information to get you started and will prepare you to join Lisa, Ann and I the following Wednesday on July 22nd from 3:30 to 5:30 for the continuing Heritage Scrapbooking workshops. All you have to do is call Mystic Paper and sign up.


tanya watts said...

Xmas in July! sounds about right! lol i usually get to do Xmas magazine articles in July and Augustus... so much fun! even put op a fake tree once to get into the atmo lol my cd would be Nat king cole and Dean martin :) so mushy

xox t

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Yep! It was Christmas going on here, too!! I began (and finished) my project early, due to another trip out of town. Just returned yesterday and dropped my project at Mystic today. Haven't gotten around to posting on the blog yet.... Have to wade through 161 emails first!!

Kim said...

You do have more sign ups Patty!