Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Three water is smaller than four water

These pages of the book are inspired by my granddaughter. During the summer I signed my grand kids up for two-two week sessions of swimming lessons. The kids were so excited you would have thought I was taking them to Disneyland. The first day of the first session we went to the public pool, the kids found their classes and the teacher asked the kids to jump into the pool. My DGD would not jump in, apparently 4 feet was too deep for her. She would slide in but wouldn't jump in. For two weeks, every day I explained how she was 47 1/2 inches tall and the water was 48 inches deep. I asked, "Can you touch the bottom?" Yes she could touch the bottom. Still she wouldn't jump into the pool. The last day of class, the teachers tested the kids. DGD made several attempts to jump into the pool, only to slide in at the last second. Finally the last attempt was a half slide-half jump. She came running over to me all excited that she had jumped in. I told her it didn't look like a jump to me, but we would let the teacher be the judge. We walked over and asked the teacher if it was a slide or a jump...he said it was kind of a jump. But he did suggest she take the class over. The next session of swimming lessons were at a different public pool in the city. The first day of lessons came...we had the talk about really jumping in this time. We got to the pool, and were sitting on the chairs waiting for class to start, and I pointed out the fact that the shallow end at this pool was only 3 feet deep. She went off to class, the teacher asked the kids to jump into the pool, and DGD JUMPED IN! When the lessons were over and she came over for her towel, I asked her why she jumped into this pool but not the last one. She said she jumped in because the three water was much smaller than the four water. How are you going to argue with logic like that?
The photo of the woman in the old fashion bathing suit , diving into the pool, is my great grandmother. She apparently like to jump in.

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Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Fabulous story!! And yea for your granddaughter!! I'd settle for a jump/slide, but she's right. 3 water is smaller than 4 water!!