Saturday, June 1, 2013

Redford, Gatsby and 3D...

I hear the new "Great Gatsby" movie is suppose to be good. A friend of mine (with fantastic taste and a wonderful she would know) says the movie is good and worth going to see. Oh by the way, she saw it in 3D. It's not that I'm doubting her, I just can't see any actor but Robert Redford playing Jay Gatsby.  Now there's a classic!

I love that era...the 1920's with the Art Deco design...and the stunning fashions.  The clothing was dazzling...Rayon dresses up to a ladies shocking!
  Hair was cut short and with a Marcel wave...what would their grandmothers say?
 The time of  "Gatsby"...the Roaring Twenty's, was pretty hot stuff...plenty of inspiration for a movie.

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