Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Tags, Tim Holtz and Toy Envy

Tim Holtz  started his 12 tags of Christmas this week. He is creating and sharing some
wonderful treasures over at his blog. 
While Tim is just getting started on his tags, I have been teaching my tags the last few weeks at
Scrapbook Barn.  Tim will be making 12 tags (hence the name "12 tags of Christmas") 
I designed and have been teaching 3 tags. 
Tim has always been an over achiever...but I do envy all those wonderful 
toys he has to create with.

These tags are fun to design, they can be used to decorate a tree or a grape vine wreath,
tie them onto a ribbon to create a banner, add one to a package or a gift bag, trade in a “tag swap”, 
mail a tag instead of  a Christmas Card 
or you can design these tags for yourself... just collect and enjoy them.

I will be teaching 2 more  tag classes at Scrapbook Barn, 
December 5th, 5-6:30 pm and December 6th, 1:30-3 pm. 

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