Monday, September 20, 2010

Cemeteries, Antelope and Flowers

Okay...the votes are in...apparently you're not ready to see another mini album...I knew I was pushing the whole mini album thing. I will wait until you aren't paying attention and slip it in to a post.

How about photos? Earlier this month DH and I made a very fast trip to
Apache Creek, New is a tiny dot on a map. One of the few things in Apache Creek is an old country cemetery. According to Wikipedia the cemetery dates from the 1900s through 1960's...which is incorrect information. There are graves from the 1800s...and the purpose of the trip was to bury DH's uncle. The cemetery is still in is one of those old country cemeteries where the family digs the grave...and buries the family member.

And that story gets us to this post...while the men folk were taking care of the grave, I walked around the cemetery taking pictures...remember, I do genealogy and family history and find old cemeteries fascinating. While taking photos of the family headstones, I also took some "texture" photos...just some pics that have interesting know "artsy" stuff.
You might be able to make out the old fence amongst the tree trunks...the fences
are around some old graves, and the trees have grown around them. There is sage green moss and lichen growing on the old post...

I love all the textures on this photo...the weathered fence post, the rusted wire and nails and the lichen.

On the way back we found a heard of Antelope that really didn't want to have their picture taken.

We saw 150 miles of yellow flowers...the problem was finding a place to pull of the road to take a picture...


whymsicalmusings said...

Patty what beautiful things to see on your journey. It is always sad to say goodbye to a loved one but in everything there is also beauty. You captured the peacful spirit there. It is easy to see God in everything when such beauty abounds.


Becky said...

Great pictures Patty.... it looks peaceful there...