Monday, August 24, 2009

Born to be Wild

Nothing is more "manly" than a motorcycle.
This third card isn't exactly Wild Hogs"...but it is a cycle all the same. I found this great advertisement image posted by angelandspot on Flickr. The ad was suppose to be for bicycles, but with the wonderful font and frame it is impressive enough for a motorbike. I inked up the image with Versa Color "Split Pea"...
I was in a "green mood" while designing these cards.
My motorcycle image is from a old family photo. Two of my great uncles, one holding my aunt as a child. it's not a "chopper", but it is still a motorbike...even if it has a sidecar. I had bought the green felt trim originally for this card, and liked it so well I used it on the "Cowboy" card too.
So bring on the "manly" celebrations...I'm ready !
Thank you Angel and Spot!


whymsicalmusings said...

Oh my goodness I really really love this! Can you just imagine traveling the country in a motorcycle side car!!! YIPEE the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth:)

faerie enchantment said...

Love this card, that vintage motorcycle image is priceless, wonderful piece!
Magic and Joy!

House of Hullabaloo said...

The Original Hells Angels! You are excelling at manly cards! Can't wait for our next class!